Countries without COVID that have opened for Tourism.

Travel has started to resume worldwide despite the virus. However, many travelers are not only looking at just locations that have reopened for tourism, but also where they can safely travel without worry.

YES, there are a few countries in the world that have both the perks of being open for tourism, and also have ZERO active cases. Getting into these countries won’t be as easy as in the good old days, because in order to keep their case numbers at zero they’ve had to implement strict entry requirements and protocols, like testing on arrival and negative PCR tests before flying. But it seems like this might be the new normal, and a small price to pay for keeping all involved in the tourism community safe.

Below we have a list of all the countries that are both currently: Open for tourism at zero active cases. We also have a list of countries with very LOW case numbers (under 100 active in total) and are also reopen for tourism, so that you have more ideas of where to travel, should you so choose to do so.

Please note: This data can and WILL change daily. We are committed to keeping this article as up to date as possible using only official sources for country case data, like the World Health Organization. Every few days we will update, add, and remove countries according to their active case numbers, reported by officials. Travel Off Path does not encourage traveling against government travel advisories, nor are we offering advice on the virus. Please do your own research and please abide by all health and safety protocols. The decision to travel is your own but do so responsibly.

Countries With ZERO COVID Cases That Have Reopened For Tourism.


Grenada is a beautiful island in the Caribbean also known as ‘Spice Isle’ because of its cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spice plantations.

On July 15th Grenada reopened for tourism to other Caribbean countries, and on August 1st it will reopen to visitors from Canada, the UK, the EU, and even the USA!

Grenada is virus-free and has zero active cases.

They have very strict entry requirements for tourists, some of the strictest we have seen, but it keeps their nation safe. Visitors will have to fill out a health declaration, download a contact tracing app, bring a negative PCR test with them, have another test upon arrival, and more.

You can read ALL of the entry requirements on our Grenada Reopening For Tourism guide, which also includes which flights have resumed to the island.

St. Barths

St. Barths might not be the most budget-friendly country open for tourism, but it sure is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The government was very quick to react early on, so the island has been virus-free for some time now and currently has zero cases.

Their entry requirements are relatively easy, especially considering they are accepting tourists from all nations to visit. Their biggest requirement is a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. Visitors staying longer than 8 days will also require another test on the 8th day, at their own expense.

All entry requirements and tips on getting to St. Barths can be found in our St. Barths Reopening For Tourism guide.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten is already reopened for tourists from the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe as of July 1, but will also reopen to USA travelers on August 1.

St. Maarten currently has zero cases and is proud to be a virus-free destination.

Entry requirements include filling out a health declaration form online and bringing a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours from departure. Visitors may be rapid tested on arrival as well.

Read more about St Maarten Reopening for Tourism and everything else you need to know before you go.

Countries With VERY LOW COVID Cases That Have Reopened For Tourism

Since this environment is an ever-changing one, some of these countries may have been on the ‘ZERO CASE’ list just a few days ago but may have been moved down here as the situation updated. Here is a list of countries that have very low case numbers and are also open to international tourism.

Simply click on the name of the country to see a full guide with entry requirements, countries allowed to visit, and more.

(as of July 15)

Curacao – 1 active case

French Polynesia – 2 active cases

St. Lucia – 3 active cases

Aruba – 4 active cases

Bermuda – 4 active cases

St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 6 active cases

Barbados – 6 active cases

Malta – 9 active cases

Antigua – 14 active cases

Bahamas – 14 active cases

Belize – 16 active cases

Iceland – 16 active cases

Estonia – 46 active cases

Turks and Caicos – 58 active cases

Seychelles – 73 active cases

Cuba – 74 active cases

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